I've got a bad habit of not finishing a lot of games I buy, even if I am enjoying them (looking at you Dragon Quest 11). So it takes a REALLY FANTASTICALLY good game for me to complete it. I figured I could share some gems that I feel like most people should try and maybe get some in return.


I own but have not played the third one yet simply because these are not exactly happy. Besides for some of Squares games, these are the only ones that have really hit me hard. Not only do they rope in you emotionally, they make you think with the game play elements and are not something you can play idly while you do something else. They are a visual novel with the story revolving around murder, mystery, finding out who done it and going through trials and sending people to their death. I was at first unsure of it because its always a bunch of high schoolers but I quickly got over it because its not a typical game. I am not sure I could properly put into words how much I love these games, how they punched me in the gut with feels and how different they are.

I finished 1 and 2 back to back very quickly and had to step away because after 2 (my favorite out of them so far, need play them in order) I had to hug puppies and kittens after the mood in put me in, which is why, as stated, I've not done 3 yet. I totally suck at explaining shit, the steam reviews will have way better people doing it than I can but y'alls need to get these. Seriously, top 5 of anything I've played in the last 10 years.