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    Default We cant let this shit die.......

    We gotta keep the site going. We could miss alot of things without catacombs.....

    Dumah coming out of the closet, Sazz voting for Trump, Marou dumping Aienna for a black chick, Zavon revealing he is transgender and trans-racial. Aeinna revealing Zavon IS Marous new black chick. Also I'm scared AlexMars will get dementia from eating too much peyote and forget about us entirely.
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    "Nah man, a Paladin has to play fair and by the rules. Do you really see Silly not attacking a weakened opponent? Or rather, not exploiting a weakness to take an enemy down? He'd totally do that. It's the law of the jungle with Silly, even if he does have faith. I think he's principled, just not merciful." - Zavon

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