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    Default S4 League (gunz style, less twitch)


    Couldn't find a gameplay video I really liked, but that one is ok. Basically it's a f2p 3rd person shooter/sword in an anime cyber/tech style. Not nearly as twitchy as that gunz game, but similar gameplay overall. You can equip one skill, a few are: shields, grappling hook, flying, invisible, root. It also has some pve maps. Fairly small download too, ~700mb.

    If anyone is in the mood for that, it's fairly fun. Especially because I haven't played a f2p 3rd person shooter in awhile. A few tips if you give it a try.

    Graphic options ("setup") is on the server select screen, default gfx suck.
    The tutorial gives tons of cash.
    Missions (bottom of game select screen) gives more cash. You do what it asks in games.
    When you want a weapon there is a license button you have to click first. You have to do a training course with the weapon, but then you can use it free for 5 hours (only counts down in a game). You can rent it longer with fake, in game cash you earn.
    If you PvE ("arcade") past the first stage, you should do it with other people, as it gets hard fast. Make sure you bring a healing device ("mind energy") too, it's fairly important.
    Level 3 mission "feint practice" is performed when you are stunned.

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    Default Re: S4 League (gunz style, less twitch)

    Played it for a week or so not long ago. I probably would have kept playing it, but laggers made the game a joke.

    What was odd was, there weren't many in the newbie rooms. It was only when I started playing in the higher level rooms that I started encountering at least one lagger per server, which could easily turn the game into something farcical. You could empty an entire clip into someone and they'd be completely unphased.

    Edit: And this is coming from someone who tolerated the CSHD and warping of Planetside for years without issue.
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    Default Re: S4 League (gunz style, less twitch)

    Yeah i noticed if people are getting disco'd they don't get hurt. Very exploitable.

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