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    Default Read Me First (Updated Sep. 24, 2010)

    A Guides and Strategy subforum has been opened for forum members only. It contains all of the useful informational resources we compile, as well as all the great guides our officers and senior players create. Anyone can post to the Guides forum, but new Guides must be approved by an MTC Moderator before appearing. Forums are open to all registered users, as such, sensitive company information should be placed in the private discussion group.

    MTC Forums are moderated by: CaptainSea, LysChien, and Starcrossed

    The only forum rule across the entire site is: Don't be a complete asshole for no reason. That is all, have fun!

    Some web resources:

    UWO Wikia: http://unchartedwaters.wikia.com/wik...ed_Waters_Wiki
    Netmarble Global site: http://global.netmarble.com/uwo/main.asp

    The Dutch Chef: http://uwo.brashendeavors.net/

    One Stop Shop: http://translate.google.com/translat...ogle.com&twu=1

    Other Guilds
    East India Company: http://www.eastindiaco.us/
    The Spanish Armada: http://uwoarmada.darkbb.com/forum.htm
    New World Orders: http://evylgaming.com/
    La Royale: http://laroyale.freeforums.org

    Voice/Text Chat
    We've already got a (free vent) alternative up and running here, set up by our ally CaptainMorgan in the EIC. We have a room for MTC, etc/ and can split off sub-rooms and such for regional groups and fleets as needed. I think this will be a great resource for us; as some players may take awhile to make the trek to Lisbon to get official company membership set up.

    You can download the client here: http://getgsc.com/

    Once you are in, set up a username and click the voice tab. Click the "Add" button and search for UWO. You want the room created by darthfiend. Highlight it and press "Add selected to...Public voice servers. Thats all there is to it. The server supports both text and voice chat. I imagine the majority of us will use text most of the time, but voice for maritime efforts, etc.

    Board Chat
    There is a built in chatroom on the forum index. Just press forum and scroll down, can't miss it.
    "The argument that “people now have more freedom than ever” is based on the fact that we are allowed to do almost anything we please as long as it has no practical consequences."

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    Default Re: Read Me First

    so if you have a good reason you can be a .................?

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    Default Re: Read Me First

    Of course, the main site this forum is a part of has been around 9 years. Our flame wars are legendary. Sometimes its completely right and justified to call someone a neckbeard basement dwelling retard, and by god you can do it here. Also, sometimes even good friends get into heated arguments, that will not get you banned. Only unprovoked nastiness and mean-spiritedness can do that. Or spam, but that goes without saying.
    "The argument that “people now have more freedom than ever” is based on the fact that we are allowed to do almost anything we please as long as it has no practical consequences."

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