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    savagewookie Guest

    Exclamation Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    Is it just me or does SWtor(StarWarsTheOldRepublic) look absoultely amzing. the abblitie to chose your own desinty, or play a grey jedi/sith or maybe you just want to tote a gun around so you becom a bountyhunter/soldier. Plus your home is a spaceships that you can use on missions! I just felt that SWtor was needing some love on these threads because everybody seems to be overlooking a great game (;

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    Looks terrible to me.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    It's WoW star wars. Big fucking deal. It's not doing anything revolutionary.

    It looks -ok- if you're looking for WoWars, but if you played SWG when it was awesomesauce, this looks like a steaming pile of shit.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    Hopefully I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that Bioware decided to stick with the whole "every group needs a tank, healing, and DPS" train of thought. The might be mitigating this somewhat with their companions, but it's still something that I really don't feel is particularly Star Wars-y. A Jedi should never be told to stand in the back and heal and, from the little I heard, this could very well happen. This is definitely a game that could have benefited from some City of Heroes/Villains type support classes where the group is primary kept alive through means other than green number spam.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    90% of the people who's opinion I give a damn about (off this site included), seem to think this'll be WoW, star-wars style. Which means it could go in two directions...

    1: It'll end up like every other WoW clone, which'll be nothing special and may even kill it.

    2: It'll do what WoW did, when WoW was a "DAoC/EQ" clone, and rather than try to be anything special, it'll take all the improvements since WoW, and polish them to a shiny gleam.

    Now, considering the amount of "OMGTHIS'LLBEAWESOME" people I see raving about this game, 2 may be a possibility...or they may just be spellbound by the teasers/trailers/well-marketed information and end up bitterly disappointed. I honestly haven't looked into the game enough to know which it'll be.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    I like the idea of a story based PvE questing game, so I am looking forward to SWTOR. I don't need something revolutionary, I just want fun, and Jedi are the coolest fighter-mages in gaming.
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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    I'm not going to play another MMO ever again just because of the huge time investment required and the negative impact I find it has on my health/life. I much prefer a game where all the time I need to have fun is 15-45 mins at a time.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    I am 50/50 on this game. It has potential to be awesome but, it is looking more and more like WoW with a Star Wars skin. Although Space Combat intrigues me with a well done "ground" game. Kind of the problem I had with STO was it was nothing but Space Combat. The Away Team crap was lackluster at best.

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    Time will show us what will it be... But I hope it will ok.
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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    SWG was awesome the first few years.. too bad I didn't get to play it as much as I'd liked.

    I really hope it goes well since I'm a KoToR fan

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    Default Re: Star Wars The Old Republic + Biowware=Epic

    The thing that torpedoed SWTOR for alot of us were gameplay videos that look just like WoW, followed by this interview:
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